It would be harsh to say that analytics and technology have been latest entrants in the field of sports handicapping but it wouldn’t be incorrect to point out that the usage of technology & analytics has been underwhelming even in the last decade of so.

In sport handicapping, effective data analysis is reliant on context and a level of relevant information. Putting data in context is essential to understanding its impact and importance. Greater context can provide more effective measurement. Technology is already driving change in the sport handicapping, providing an accurate way of understanding sports betting and how to handicap it.

Developing predictive analytics is often a core aim of data scientists. In sport handicapping, predicting how an opponent might set up or react to condition changes will help a handicapper analyse certain data better in order to win consistently.

The profession tends to take a relatively strict and straightforward approach to innovation, following a research, do, review and repeat the process until the optimum outcome is achieved.

Ultimately data is a science, so following a scientific and engineered approach will ultimately pay the greatest dividends.

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– Chris Pirelli